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Consultation Services

Patrick Maher Master Decorator also offers a full consultancy service specialising in paints, coatings, wallpapers and adhesives within the construction industry.

We cater for domestic, commercial and industrial clients throughout Ireland.

From start to finish we can help you with choosing the right materials and even if you wish to use your own contractor for the project, we will make sure that your contractor is following the proper application methods as per product data, this can be the difference between you getting a job done that only lasts a year or one that still looks great in 10 years.

Think of us as a buffer between you the client and your chosen contractor, we can give you a guide of prices that you should be paying for your project, this will stop you from being over charged also we can give you a specification for time proven quality materials that should be used along with a schedule of works to help keep your contractor in the time frame you have set, this way there is no surprises as you progress with your project or costly extras that can sometimes seemly appear from nowhere.

We can also monitor your Project to make sure it is been done in a manner that will result in it being finished to a very high standard of work, in the case of a large project we can arrange a weekly or daily site visit and give you a full report on the standard and job progress with recommendations for improvements if need be. On smaller projects we would usually break the visits up in to 3, start, middle and completion, just because the contractor says he is finished doesn't mean he is, Before you pay or sign off on the job with the Contractor we will do a final report on the job to make sure all is up to standard and also go through it with the contractor so he is made aware or any problem areas that need attention. It is important to do this at this stage as some contractors are hard to get back and some have even been known to try charge obstinate amounts of money to fix their own mistakes.

Our consultation service can be tailored to your needs, if you just want a specification of materials we can do that, if it’s just cost analysis or a guide of what you should be paying we can also just do this for you, maybe it’s just a quality check and standards report you need before you sign off, we can cater our service to suit your requirements.

Another service we offer which is mainly for commercial or industrial clients is a maintenance survey. We can give you a monthly report on what needs to be done in certain areas of your premises so you can then tell your contractor what and how they have to proceed. This can save a lot of time and money on your behalf in the long run, as you the client are maintaining your premises rather than having to go to the full expense of a complete redecoration, we will advise your chosen contractor what best products to use and are must suitable for your hi traffic areas that will give you a better quality finish and a longer lasting job.

Conservation projects are another area where we come into our own we can advise you in the manner to proceed and with what you should be using along the way to achieve a highest standards without harming the historical integrity of the building.

Services Include

  • Specification Writing

  • Failure Analysis

  • Coating Evaluation Comparisons

  • Water Intrusion Testing

  • Bid Evaluation

  • Expert Court Witness Testimony

  • Maintenance Surveys

  • Cost Estimates

  • Paint Inspections

  • Technical Product Data

  • Insurance Inspections

  • Contractor Sourcing

  • Material Sourcing

  • Pre-Rental Inspections

  • Post-Rental Inspections

Our Clients

  • Home Owners

  • Housing Associations

  • Facility Management Companies

  • General Contractors

  • Architects

  • Insurance Companies

  • Developers

  • Painting Contractors

  • Paint Manufacturers

  • Interior Designers

  • Government Bodies And Local Authorities

  • Landlords And Leasing Agents

  • Quantity Surveyors

We cater for domestic, commercial and industrial clients throughout the Midlands. Contact us for more information.